The Conscious Traveller has teamed up with the following grass roots charities.

All hands on deck, we are here to make a difference!



Established in 2013, For You Haiti is a not-for-profit organistion developed to serve, love and support the people of Haiti, in particular, the forgotten island of la Gonâve. Started by the big hearted Alana. Although their main focus are the children, they strive to provide medical, educational and family assistance to anyone in need in Haiti.

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Kindling is the heartfelt initiative created by Jen Kyna, the founder of The Conscious Traveller. It all began in 2010 after a chance encounter between Maria and Jen, and a flock of hungry children. Maria had for years been struggling to take care of a growing number of abandoned children from her local community.  With so many mouths to feed she sought help from others and when Jen bumped into Maria's friend at an airport help had been found! Maria’s story resonated so deeply with Jen that she was compelled to do something. Maria saw it as her responsibility to keep the children safe, having extricated herself from a life of abuse and domestic violence so she started a day care centre that ensured kids were safe in her care.