We are a small passionate group with a vision to facilitate and encourage heartfelt experiences that also help those who need it most.

Our retreats offer participants local affordable travel with a difference, consisting of unique adventures that are kind to people and the planet. When you travel with us, you not only get to experience the country firsthand and support the locals, you also have the chance to make a positive impact and improve communities in a meaningful way. 

Your trip with the Conscious Traveller is your chance to not only volunteer but to also experience the country which you chose to visit. We select each of our projects based on the needs of the communities to ensure your fundraising efforts prior to the trip have maximum impact and lead to sustainable growth.

By travelling and working with us, you will see firsthand the impact your kindness has on a community, and enjoy a trip that nourishes the mind, body and soul. 




“I have been to both Africa and Haiti with The Conscious Traveller. Never did I think i would get the experience I did on such an intimate level. Both trips held some of the most rewarding and powerful experiences of my life to date. Jen is amazing in her organisation and support of the group, nothing is ever too much for her. Jen and her team always cater to your needs and they genuinely care for everyone there. They create magic. I have made life time bonds with the people I have met as they are all there with open hearts wanting to give back. Getting a glimpse of the communities has shifted my perspective on life. If I could go on every trip each year I would, I have days where I miss it. You will not regret going, it is everything!” - Yasmin


We have travelled the world sourcing accommodation and tours that are kind to the environment and that give back to communities.

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